‘‘Naomi’s presence in my home allowed me to feel relaxed and supported in every way. She never told me what to do but enabled me to feel encouraged and in control’’

‘‘Your helpful suggestions and practical tips gave me hope when I was often feeling at a loss as to what to do’’

‘‘Many professionals that I encountered during my pregnancy came over as if they knew best  but Naomi  always encouraged  me to connect with my own mothering instinct so I could follow this and act accordingly’’

"‘When I was upstairs feeding my baby I could smell wonderful cooking coming upstairs. It reminded me of being at home as a child with my mother downstairs creating an atmosphere of comfort and security"

‘’Whether I needed your absence to miss that slice of normality you gave me each week I’m not sure, but I do know we are all the better for everything you’ve done for us and you are dearly missed for countless reasons. So most importantly a Huge thank you you’re one in a million and I am telling all about you that may need an  angel on earth!!’’

‘’Thank you so much, without your support I know I would not be still standing!’’

‘’Naomi immediately connected with my older children. At a time when so much attention is on the new baby she carefully steered them away from potential upsets with her gentle and often amusing distraction techniques’’

"Before booking Naomi I felt so sleep deprived I felt I was losing my sense of reality. Naomi would arrive in the evening and I could go to sleep calmly, knowing that my babies would be cherished and fed overnight. After a week I felt refreshed and much more able to cope with ‘night duty’’

‘’My husband unfortunately had to return to work immediately after my daughter was born and I felt so alone. Knowing Naomi was coming each day took the anxiety away of feeling suddenly alone’’

With good postnatal support I have seen many new mothers avoid a potentially damaging period of postnatal depression. Knowing that there is a supportive plan of action will automatically alleviate the stress. I will closely monitor your progress and accordingly encourage the most essential priorities at this time; good nutrition, hydration and adequate sleep.

 ‘‘Naomi put me on a programme of regular good eating and recommended   supplements to help me get my strength back. She also suggested Bach flower remedies that really helped pick me up. Her foot massage was amazing when I was too keyed up to sleep it worked wonders. Even though I felt really looked after she never made me feel like an invalid!"

‘’ My baby was only 2 weeks old, I was exhausted and ready to give up. Naomi came each day; she checked and encouraged different feeding positions. It was my first baby I didn’t know you could feed lying down, what a breakthrough that was! I started to relax and get more confident. She had lots of tips and remedies to help me through. It did get easier and I am so glad I persevered as my daughter has thrived and I feel much more positive about breast feeding next time.’’

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