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Nurturing New Families

A Guide to Supporting Parents
and their Newborn Babies


Published by Pinter & Martin 2014

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Supporting a family in the days and weeks after a baby is born is a precious gift indeed – as the mother recovers her strength and responds to her baby's needs, the care of a postnatal doula, friend or family member can be invaluable.

In this guide to warm, mother- and- baby-centred postnatal care, Naomi Kemeny draws on her wealth of experience as a midwife, children's nurse and postnatal doula to explain in detail how to 'mother the mother' - by listening to what she needs and supporting her as she adapts to her new role. This insightful book is both a useful guide to the work of a postnatal doula, and a must-read for anyone wanting to help a new family cope with those intense yet magical early days with a newborn.

Some reviews

"This was an interesting insight into what a postnatal doula actually does, but it is not a handbook to becoming a doula yourself. My previous knowledge of doulas was limited to seeing them featuring heavily on homebirth tv programmes but this is about postnatal care and support rather than for labour. If you are thinking about support options for after the birth of a baby (or babies, since mothers of multiples are more likely than most to need an extra pair of hands!), this will give you the information you need to help decide if a doula is for you, and it also contains some useful baby care tips.


Briefly, it's a guide to the support doulas can offer and what kind of aspects of baby care/general support in the postnatal period they might help with - but above all it emphasises the importance of 'mothering the mother'. Offering a listening ear and helping the mother adjust to her new role. It contains some handy babycare tips too".


"I enjoyed reading this, and it covered a lot of ground in quite a slim volume.
Realistically I think anyone setting out as a post-natal doula would want to have this on their bookshelf along with other more detailed books on areas such as breastfeeding, newborn behaviour, post-natal depression, etc - it doesn't cover anything in very much depth.
But a warm, reassuring, inviting read for those considering working as a post-natal doula, or hiring one, and probably a pretty good revision of the basics for a grandparent-to-be who wants to be prepared to support their own children as they start a family by making sure they are up to date on current guidance etc."


I have just finished reading this great little book. It is full of great advice for all people supporting new families but in particular post-natal doula's. Following having my daughter recently I have become increasingly more interested in the role of a post-natal doula as a potential career change and this book has given me a wealth of insight. All new families should have a post-natal doula, in my opinion, as part of the National Health Service. Being new parents is such a life changing experience and having someone there who is understanding, empathic and helpful is so important when transitioning into our new roles. I also love the yummy and nutritious recipes at the back of the book. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to know more about the role of the post-natal doula and anyone else who would like to pick up some helpful tips on supporting new families."

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